Recent Updates

07.17.2015 - Online coop

Team up to save the galaxy and battle against the forces of darkness with cooperative play. Play with your friends online or find a game in matchmaking.Click here for more info.

06.12.2015 - New items svailable!

New items added to the Cosmic Store! You can now trade credits for special items!

05.12.2015 - Customisation Update

You can now build the spaceship of your dreams with the new customisation update for Android and iOS. Equipe the weapons of your choice and choose between thousands of decals to decorate your war machine!

04.17.2015 - New game update

We added new levels, new items and new spaceships to unlock in this brand new game update for Cosmic Warzone on Android and iOS.Click here for more info.

03.12.2015 - Download the game now!

Download the game on the app store or on Google Play for free!Click here for more info.

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